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Everyone wants to have a home that is not only beautiful but also functional. Unfortunately, although there are many sources of tips online not all of them are very useful – some offer tips that are hard to implement while there are many that offer tips that just impractical. That is why in finding you have found such an asset.

This website was created this year and it is a one-stop shop for those who are looking for nice ideas to improve their homes. Whether you are looking to jazz up your bedroom, remodel your bathroom or put some color in your kitchen you can be sure that home addons is the place to go. Their aim is to review different products, electronic and otherwise so that readers can know what they should and should not buy. In addition to that you will get tips on how to preserve and save different foods, the best cleaning products, DIY projects and more.

What makes such a great website is the quality of information that they provide. Not only is it all vetted for validity, it is all laid out in a friendly, laid-back manner. Their tips are easy to understand and implement. Unlike other lifestyle websites that sometimes give biased reviews of products you can be sure that the information that you get about different products on is all objective.

Once you are done reading the reviews you should click on their shopping page because they have plenty of products that you can buy. They range from kitchen utensils and gadgets to items that you can use in your garden. In case you are wondering about pricing, you will be happy to know that they are careful to maintain the market overage on their products. is not just for those who are looking for home improvement ideas. If you have a product that you would like to sell you can pay for an advertisement on this website. Although it is relatively new it already has many regular subscribers and a string of new users. You can be sure that your ad will expose your business to lots more people.

Why look elsewhere for home improvement tips and tricks when you can get everything that you need om By using this website you will be making sure that you are looking at the latest top quality products as well as unbeatable tips. Head there now and see how much of a difference it will make for you.

Flow Screeding

Utilization of Flow Screeding for Floor Preparation

Flow screeding is an age-old process utilized in the construction industry for leveling floors prior to final preparation and installation. Specifically, the flow screed process allows a concrete finisher to prepare a top surface concrete slab by removing excess moisture on the top layer of a rough flooring surface. The result is a smooth, properly-graded undercoat surface which upon curing is ready for final floor surfacing (e.g., tile, carpet, or other floor surface materials).

Be sure to know more about London liquid flow screeding.

The screed process utilizes two specific methods. The first method is “screed floor” surfacing which utilizes a motorized screed machine which through vibration caused the rough surface to be leveled and flattened. This process is comparative to a concrete finisher who utilizes a free-floating trowel to smooth a final surface, only mechanical. This method is one which highway construction workers utilize which is a mechanized version of the “screed floor” to prepare concrete or asphalt surfaces of newly designed roadways.

A second process, called “sill screed” or “weep rail” is used when the coating material is exterior stucco or plaster. This process uses a railing system with drainage holes which allow the applied material to drain through (which in turn allows for proper curing of the material). In areas of severe weather, this process is used to speed-up the drying process.

Currently, there are enhancement developments to the screed process being conducted. In the United Kingdom, a single-unit vehicle is being tested which will mix the material, and pump the mixed material to a specific location on a construction site. Once the material is in place the vehicle will then perform the final surface preparation of the material. Once in full operation, the procedure will expedite the screeding process and save time and money.

As there are many procedures to floor coatings and processing, there are several advantages which make the screeding a more viable process within the construction industry. The advantages include:

  1. The process in much more time efficient than the old manual trowel method
  2. Mechanical screeding uses less manpower, thus less employee overhead
  3. Screeding creates a level floor surface without uneven surfacing
  4. The process is ideal when utilizing a screed-wire underfloor heat system
  5. It is the most cost-effective system for large-scale floor projects
  6. Allows for a reduction of material depth (less floor weight)
  7. Quicker drying times (24-hour cure time in most cases)


In conclusion, flow screeding appears to be the most cost-effective and viable material within the construction industry. The mechanical screed system allows for faster floor surfacing operations which reduce downtime when waiting for a floor to be manually surfaced then cured. As the technology further improves, the process will be the construction industry’s most widely recognized and utilized process for floor surfacing.




safety boots

The need for safety boots

Not all workplaces are capsulated offices where safety of the employees is not really a big issue. A large chunk of the population works in outdoor work areas or those that involve varying degrees of the chance of bodily injury. Measures like using safety boots can greatly help reduce injuries with many footwear technologies that are aimed toward providing a safer experience. Whether you are a part of the work force or an employer, safety gear is now an important aspect that is hazardous to overlook.

When choosing safety boots and shoes you will need to look for the features that are most important to you depending on the conditions of your job environment. Some jobs also require mandatory footwear that has legal specifications according to the equipment used, working conditions and the like. If you have no such requirements and are looking for safety boots yourself, there are some features that are essential. Here we take a quick look at a few of them. Firstly slip resistance. We do not think all that much about slipping and falling until it actually happens and it can be extremely dangerous; more so around certain equipment and machinery and even in kitchens and outdoors where things pose a larger problem. You will find tons of brands that offer varying degrees of slip resistance in their footwear collections.

Another feature that is important is impact protection. Anyone working in an environment where they are carrying or transporting heavy, bulky goods and objects like large packages, machinery, tools, lumber, furniture, carpet rolls, pipes etc. should look for boots with adequate impact protection. This will help protect your feet in the event of any of the above fall on your foot or rolls over it and help minimize the chance of potential injury. Another important kind of safety feature is strong outsoles or puncture protection. If your job involves working around pins, nails, screws, tacks or any such sharp objects, this kind of protection is essential. You will also find special footwear for work that involves electrical hazard and jobs involving anything flammable like chemicals or other items that may cause burns.

Today you will find safety boots that are apt for all kinds of job environments, personal safety requirements and standard work place regulations. You will find brands that make high quality and tough boots and shoes that are strong, durable and attractive to boot. Additional footwear technologies like impact protection, superior comfort technologies, insulation and more all vary according to brand and are easily available as well. If you want the largest range of safety shoes and boots, online stores usually have the most variety from multiple manufacturers, in different price ranges. So choose wisely and always stay safe on the job.

Four Reasons to Hire the Best Man and Van Service When You Move in Bournemouth

man-and-vanWhen you’re moving home, relocating your business’ office, or you need to deliver a large, bulky item like a fridge or sofa, you need two things. Firstly, you need a vehicle large enough to transport your item or items from where they are to where they need to be. And secondly, you need an extra pair of hands to help with the lifting and the unloading.

You need the best man and van hire in Bournemouth

The more awkward readers amongst you will now be asking “why not just get a friend to help, and tie the couch to the top of my car?”

There are four main reasons that you shouldn’t just ask a mate, and instead, spend a few quid on hiring a man and van. So before you come to a decision, read on.

Reason One: It’s cheaper than you think

The only real reason we can think of to not hire some help when moving is the price. Surely getting someone to drive out to your home or office, load up all of your belongings, drive over to your new premises and help you unload will cost an arm and a leg?

And, when you choose to invest a few extra quid in a man and van, you’ll get these three other great benefits too.

Reason Two: Experience is Always Useful

It might not seem like the most complicated task in the world, but moving large items or large quantities do require skill and application. You need to know how to make the most of the space you have, how to load and unload a van in the most efficient way possible, and how to move heavy objects without risking injury.

Your mate Steve doesn’t have this knowledge and experience. The man and van you should hire do. And it’s going to save you time and effort in the long run (but more on that later).

Reason Three: Local Knowledge Comes in Handy

If you’re moving to a new area, you can add hours of worry and a few gray hairs to your head. Because if you don’t know the layout of the roads, the speed traps, and the necessary one way systems, a short drive down the motorway can turn into a bit of a Greek Odyssey.

So hire someone with local knowledge. They’ll get you there in record time, and you won’t have to worry whether or not your first post to your new location will be a ticket or fine.

Lawn Care Memphis

Caring for your garden or lawn means not just cutting it often, but like other flowers in your lawn, it will have to be taken care of by watering regularly. Below are offer some reasons why homeowners in Memphis TX consider it worth using the services of a lawn care professionals.

lawn-careTaking care of a lawn is relatively easy to do, but you need to be aware of some things if you want to ensure that the lawn at your Tampa home remains in great condition. Using the services of a professional lawn care Memphis company may well end up saving much of your time, and you don’t need to know the ins and outs of lawn maintenance.

The lawn care service spends time analyzing the condition of your lawn as it stands currently. They will look at the variety of grass your lawn is made up of as well as how dense its turf is. They will also inspect the lawn to see if it is attacked and what weeds if any are there, along with checking how it is being watered. Each one of these things is vital for them to take into consideration so that they can then acquire a maintenance schedule which will ensure that your lawn looks great and grows well.

After the analysis of your lawn by the company has been carried out then they will decide which of their professional services you need. You will find that a good lawn care company will offer a wide range of services to you from weed and moss control to pest control, to scarification. They will also carry out work such as feeding your lawn using a good quality fertilizer. Plus they will ensure that any diseases or fungus growing on your lawn are brought under control.

To prevent weed growth on your lawn, the lawn care company you choose will identify the weeds and then do the necessary measures to get rid of them. They will use specialist products that kill back the weeds in your lawn, but that won’t have any adverse affects on the lawn itself.

The mechanical method known as scarification is practiced by lawn care companies to get cleared of any dead moss on it and also to comb the thatch which promotes better growth in it. Also through this process water is then able to reach deep into the roots of the grass more easily as well. Don’t be too concerned if after this procedure have been carried out on your Memphis garden lawn that some parts need to be re-seeded.

So that pests can be kept under control when caring for a lawn, the company you employ should only be using the best quality products that they can. However, before they start using them through analyzing your lawn they can identify what pests you have and then choose the most appropriate products to deal with them.

You may well find that you don’t, in fact, need to employ an All-State Pest and Lawn service( throughout the whole year. Rather they will help you with learning the basics of mowing and watering your lawn correctly, but they will continue to deal with all the other issues relating to feeding of your lawn and control of the pests on it

Simple Yet Stunning Interior Design

Change is in the air for #ThriftScoreThursday (NO, it is not moving to Friday.) If you read about it #ontheblog yesterday you already know that we are shifting gears a little and this submission from @annabode exactly what we want to see. You guys making your #thriftscores shine in your own homes and sharing their stories. So starting December 1st (you get all of November to shop!) We will be moving to this new format: 1. One Instagram feature each Thursday 2. One monthly blog post full of beautifully styled thrift scores and their stories, so please use the caption to tell us all about them! 3. And most exciting….. a thrifted giveaway coming your way in December! So for now, keep on tagging those finds and sharing them and we'll be sharing our favorites come December! Make sure you are following all hosts: me, @the_gathered_home and @cassie_bustamante

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